Underground Design
The software solution for underground design

The software system is developed to help you to design projects for underground works and solve different design tasks related to the development of a new deposit as well as the operation of your mine.

The software solution for underground design

The software solution for underground design. Functions and capabilities:

Design of mine workings (horizontal, inclined, vertical) according to the technological purpose

Design of sections and profiles of mine workings

Underground mining design in the three-dimensional environment

Creating a project for drilling-out a rock mass

Designing beam patterns, and single, parallel, inclined, or rotated fan drilling patterns

Considering several limiting factors and technological parameters by designing holes

Calculating charges and detonation means for blastholes

Calculating volumes of prepared works and subsidiary development

Determining production volumes by quality indicators at the project stage

The software solution for underground design. Your benefits:

Project development according to specified mining and geological conditions
Design of preparatory subsidiary development and tunnel driving
Performing underground drilling and blasting works
Minimization of losses and accidental inclusions in minerals
Integrated mine field design according to the deposit configuration
Generating tabular and graphical documentation for the project of mine workings
Application Examples
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Engineering design of capital and preparatory mine workings
Three-dimensional modeling of mining blocks according to the project
Creating geological and surveying sections according to existing models
Creating and editing data sheets for drilling and blasting works Designing and visualizing drilling and blasting works
Option to section each drilling site
Creating wireframe and block 3D-models of mineral deposits Combining field models with various mining positions
Calculating explosive charges for drilled fans or beams of deep holes considering the undercharge estimated in the project

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