The software solution for geologists

The software system for geological structural 3D-modeling of mineral deposits of various complexity and morphology

The software solution for geologists

The software solution for geologists can help you to:

Work with geological databases containing data about different structure sampling

Use universal software tools for export and import of assay data from/to ACCESS databases, ASCII TXT

Perform statistical analysis of data from the base

Calculate qualitative and quantitative parameters of mineral deposits

Generate wireframe and block models for geological bodies

Perform geostatistical analysis of models, create experimental variograms and select theoretical ones, etc.

Perform economic assessment of mineral deposits based on different classification schedules, such as CRIRSCO, JORC, ООН, etc.

Generate report documentation for geological excavations in the most used electronic formats (Word, Excel, PDF, HTML, TXT)

The software solution for geologists offers you the following benefits:

Processing of different source information related to geological sampling
Input of assay data selecting required components, applying filters, for example, by profiles, etc.
Visualization of rock sample models, namely displaying commercial component contests, hole paths, etc.
Creating and updating geological digital models of mineral deposits
Enhanced capabilities for source data approval
A system for documentation management adaptable to different customer requirements
Consolidation of geological data by deposits in one unified database for shared access
Application Examples
стр 1 из
Three-dimensional visualization of assay data and their statistical analysis
Automated creation of grade columns based on geological drillholes
Automated creation of sections using block modeling on the arbitrary plane
Software tools to create concurrent geological-and-surveying models
Creating and updating 3D-models for mineral deposits based on geological drillholes
Wireframe modeling of mineral deposits
Creating and managing the database containing information about geological drillholes. Creating 3D-models of drillholes

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